Cassano: ‘Inter Don’t Need Dybala Or Lukaku’

Cassano: ‘Inter Don’t Need Dybala Or Lukaku’

Antonio Cassano was not impressed with Inter’s plans to sign both Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku this summer.

The Nerazzurri are dreaming of giving Simone Inzaghi a front three of Dybala-Lukaku-Lautaro Martinez, but many are confused about their financial situation, as the two deals would not come cheap. The expectation is that a top player would be sold, but the Milanese club don’t want to lose Tottenham linked Alessandro Bastoni, so the situation is unclear.

Speaking on BoboTV, Cassano first discussed Dybala’s free transfer to Inter and why he’s not excited about the deal.

“Dybala to Inter is done even if he’s not needed because he could have problems with Lautaro. Dybala wasn’t needed but they wanted to sign him.

“I don’t like him, I’ve always said that. He’s a player who can be useful but if you have Lautaro as a second striker, you have to get a tank, a Dzeko-like player.”

He was not impressed with Lukaku’s desire to return to Inter after a tough year with Chelsea.

“I wouldn’t take him back. He said he was going to his dream team, earning €15m. Now, however, he doesn’t touch a ball in London and would like to return to Italy.”

The former Roma and Real Madrid forward underlined why he’s against Lukaku’s return to the Nerazzurri.

“Inter’s problem is that if they sign Lukaku they have to sell Lautaro who has scored 25 goals and is 24. I cannot see an Inter team without him.

“Considering that you have Correa, Simone Inzaghi’s favourite to the point that they signed him from Lazio and paid €35 million, you have Lautaro who for me is non-sellable, Dybala who is practically done, you have Dzeko and finally Sanchez.

“And for me he is the strongest of all. It’s clear that if you get the Belgian you have to sell one of them and Lautaro is the most likely.”

Finally, Cassano gave some advice to the 29-year-old Belgian forward as he prepares to enter talks with the Chelsea executives.

“First of all they have to pay him, but then they have to see the reaction of the fans. If he scores two goals a game ok, but if not, the situation becomes quite peculiar.

“Lukaku should have thought about that before. At this point I would advise him to stay at Chelsea.”

Source:  Football- Italia

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