Chelsea Gallagher Unaware Of Club Plans For Him


Chelsea Gallagher Unaware Of Club Plans For Him

The England international has just completed a successful loan with Crystal Palace.

He said, "I feel like if you look at my loans, I've done four loans now, and they've always progressed, and it's always been a new challenge. I always believe in myself, and I try to do my best on the pitch. I think confidence and belief are a part of that. I've got three older brothers who all played football.

"I feel like in their careers, they could've had more confidence and belief and could've played a bit higher. I've looked at that and thought I needed to be a bit different. I must have been confident, and that's helped me.

"(Have you done your loans now?) I don't know to be honest with you, the loans have been brilliant, and every team has been a brilliant experience. To me, all the new players, the staff and managers have helped me progress and develop as a player - I've loved it. But like I said, I'm not sure."

Source: Tribalfootball

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