'Dembele is the best', 'let's get Raphinha and Sterling': fans argue who should be Chelsea's priority winger

fans argue who should be Chelsea's priority winger

Chelsea are actively working behind the scenes on improving the team, and the attacking line is one they'd particularly like to reinforce.

Raheem Sterling has emerged as the likeliest candidate - even if costly - while players like Raphinha, Richarlison and Ousmane Dembele have also been discussed.

Chelsea won't sign them all, so we asked you to pick the player the Blues should prioritise in the coming weeks. Here are some of your answers.

Nicholas Kabutey: "I’d rather we go for Sterling and Raphinha as both of them are Premier League-proven, however, we can still get Dembele for free because he can play with both legs, so we can sell Pulisic or Ziyech."

Anthony Chukwudi: "To me, Dembele is the best given he is for free. If Chelsea stretches hands to Raphinha now, you will be hearing ₤50-70 million."

Yohanne Young: "I believe Sterling and Raphina should be a priority along with Richarlison. Those 3 would be a massive statement. If we are also able to sway Lewandowski, then it's a 3-way fight for the league..."

Chinedu Emmanuel: "Nkunku and Dembele. No Sterling or Raphinha."

Mwanacho Mwanacho: "For me, Raphinha: decision making, breaking lines and killer passes."

Sir Nart Irene: "Let's get even both Raphinha and Sterling and sell Pulisic and Ziyech. Selling these two could give us something to buy such strong players Raphinha and Sterling and stronger and hungrier and angrier than Pulisic and Ziyech. We're not just adding but replacing."

Munya: "Raphinha is the best of the rest. Qualifies to be a marquee signing too together with Richarlison."
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