Donnarumma Accused Of Being Disrespectful After His Post-match Remarks


Donnarumma Accused Of Being Disrespectful After His Post-match Remarks

Gigio Donnarumma has been accused of being arrogant after his post-match comments last night and the journalist that interviewed him after the game has stepped into the debate: ‘Questions must be asked.’

The Azzurri suffered a 5-2 loss against Germany last night and Gigio gifted the fifth and final goals to the Germans with a wrong pass inside Italy’s penalty box. The 22-year-old looked annoyed when questioned about his mistakes with the ball at his feet after the game.

“When did it happen before? When I was fouled against Real Madrid?” the goalkeeper replied.

“If we want to cause controversy over these things, then fine, I am here to talk for the team. If you want to blame me, fine, I’ll take the blame, I am the captain and I keep going with my head held high.

“I think you’re all trying to create something about these errors, fine.”

Donnarumma is being criticised by all Italian media because of his reaction. called him ‘arrogant’ and La Gazzetta Dello Sport’s editor-in-chief Stefano Agresti suggested that the 22-year-old should ‘change his attitude’ when he has the ball at his feet and accepts criticism off the pitch.

Sandro Piccinini, one of the most prominent Italian journalists, commented on the goalkeeper’s reaction saying that he is ‘unable to understand his errors’ while praising Rai Sports journalist Tiziana Alla who interviewed Gigio after the game.

The reporter replied on Twitter, saying: “Thanks, Sandro. It means a lot said from you. You know how difficult it is to manage these situations. I’ve never been looking for useless controversies, but, in this job, some questions must be asked.”

Source: FootballItalia

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