Ex-AC Milan boss Gattuso: 'I'm racist? Then why did I sign Bakayoko'

Ex-AC Milan boss Gattuso: 'I'm racist? Then why did I sign Bakayoko'

After being accused of being a racist, Gennaro Gattuso has come up with a fiery response as he said: “My history speaks for itself. I’m racist? I’m homophobic? I’m xenophobic? I’m sexist? Have we gone mad? It’s time to calm down.

“So let’s start explaining, the phrase about women (he had said he didn’t see women working in football), uttered at the time of Barbara Berlusconi’s (ex-AC Milan CEO) entry into football, was meant to be a defence of Galliani’s work, which had been brusquely dismissed.

“I’m racist? Then why did I sign [Tiemoue] Bakayoko when I was at Napoli? I’ve never had anything against Black players, many of whom have been my teammates and friends.

“I built my career with hard work, commitment and sweat. Nobody has given me anything as a gift. And I will no longer allow anyone, with terrible accusations, to hinder my work.”

Gattuso is widely remembered as one of the most menacing, unpredictable footballers of his time – with the Italian’s aggression and passion getting him in a lot of controversies in his career.

The Italian is poised to take over as Valencia's manager as he looks to make an impact in La Liga.

Source: Football Italia
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