What Are Bonus Codes & How to Use Them in Casinos?

What Are Bonus Codes & How to Use Them in Casinos?

Bonuses are the best weapon that casinos use in the battle for new and existing players. The gambling industry is highly competitive and it is only growing. And to increase the client base, all methods go into battle. Even small gifts allow the casino to bribe players by creating positive gaming conditions for them. After all, a player, having lost, can count on a small prize, for example, a bonus code.

How bonuses work

Casinos are motivated to keep players on their site thanks to bonuses in order to continue cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. As a rule, the presence of a variable reward program in relation to the client means the viability of the club and loyalty to its players. Because the more generous the casino’s bonus policy, the more visitors they will have.

But it is always worth doing on trusted sites with a good reputation and a rating on legit site BestCasinosOnline.co.za After all, any gambler will definitely study the current promotions of the club, and then start playing. And the last argument when choosing a casino is a bonus.

What Are Bonus Codes & How to Use Them in Casinos?

Types of bonus codes rewards 
First of all, the attention of online casinos is focused on the welcome bonus. Because most players choose by this parameter. But there are bonuses for regular participants - these are bonus codes. They are a set of letters and numbers with which you can activate the bonus on the site. As a rule, bonus codes are limited in time or work for certain games. Thanks to such promotions, the casino has more than 30% of the total income in online gambling in Europe. In total, there are 4 types of rewards when using a bonus code:

Free spins. In this variant, you are not offered money bonuses, but you get the opportunity of free spins in popular slots. In case of a win, your winnings are credited to the bonus account. In order to send it to your account and turn it into real money, you will have to fulfill additional conditions.
Deposit bonus. You receive a credit bonus, the amount of which depends on the amount of the deposit. Usually, a bonus of 50% or 100% of your deposit is offered, but sometimes the casino offers 200% or even all 300%. But do not forget about the limitations. Sometimes a 150% bonus can be offered with a deposit of only $150. Also, don't forget about wagering requirements for bonuses.
A certain amount to deposit. You receive a certain amount on your bonus account. As a rule, this amount will need to be won back, and only then you will be able to withdraw this money to the main account.
Cashback. The casino will return you a part of the money you lost
There are many codes, but you cannot use several at once. Casinos have provided such options, and make sure that it is impossible to accumulate bonuses. Of course, these are all casino marketing tricks, but everyone benefits from this, both players and the casino. But casino bonuses are available for withdrawal only after certain conditions are met. Before using the bonus, you should always read the terms of use. If something is not clear under the terms, then do not hesitate to clarify the information in the support service.

Final Thoughts
Bonus codes are activated on the casino website and give good loyalty to visitors. But they are not constant, they are constantly updated depending on promotions, holidays or the club's policy itself. Usually, they are posted on various sites with a gaming theme, or during an email newsletter. In any case, bonus codes should always be used, because you lose almost nothing from this, but only gain.

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