Bayern director explains why they rejected Cristiano Ronaldo from Man United

Bayern director explains why they rejected Cristiano Ronaldo from Man United

Every time a team wants to sign Critiano Ronaldo or shows the slightest interest, the same patterns and issues arise. We are talking about one of the two best players in the last 20 years, his statistics speak for themselves. But also, Cristiano Ronaldo tends to monopolize the entire team as soon as he arrives.

He is like a force of nature that forces teams who don't have that culture. If this was the late '2000s or the entire '2010s, things would certainly be different. But then again, Real Madrid wasn't going to allow Ronaldo to go away during that time. Bayern Munich has recently emerged as a possible destination for Ronaldo but Director Oliver Kahn has finally spoken publicly about their decision.

Bayern was indeed, interested in Ronaldo.
What were once just reports have finally been confirmed by Oliver Kahn himself, Bayern Munich did attempt to sign Cristiano Ronaldo earlier in the summer. However, their final decision was meditated very carefully because they had to consider many aspects of his possible arrival.

As it happens every time, signing Ronaldo means giving up on a few traditions a club may have. For Bayern, keeping these traditions is one of the many reasons they have remained so relevant and successul throughout their entire history. Signing up Ronaldo meant they were not going to fully respect those traditions and they simply couldn't afford to do that.

Director Oliver Kahn explained that the team's leadership actually gathered to discuss the possible signing of Cristiano and they all agreed on the same final verdict. This is what Kahn recently told the press about the possibility of signing the Portuguese star from Manchester United: "We discussed about Cristiano Ronaldo internally - I consider him one of greatest footballers ever.

"Then we came to conclusion that, despite appreciation for Cristiano, he would not fit into our philosophy in the current situation." Spoken like a true Bayern Munich die hard supporter. Ronaldo is a fantastic player but Bayern Munich's philosophy is very different to everything this player has represented throughout his career.
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