"Obviously I am enjoying myself" - Grealish defends Ibiza and Las Vegas parties

"Obviously I am enjoying myself" - Grealish defends Ibiza and Las Vegas parties

Manchester City star Jack Grealish has defended his party lifestyle amidst criticism over trips to Ibiza and Las Vegas, as per The Sun.

Grealish, 26, has been enjoying the off-season following his debut season at Manchester City since becoming the most expensive player player in British history. The English ace joined Pep Guardiola's side for £100 million last summer and was part of the side that claimed the league title.

The former Aston Villa captain has been merrily partying this summer and has been pictured engaging in alcohol festivities in both Ibiza and Las Vegas.

Many have criticized his antics, claiming that it's not the best course of action to try and impress Manchester City boss Guardiola.

But the Englishman has defended himself, saying:

“Obviously I'm enjoying myself. I went to Ibiza after we won the league, and then I went to Vegas after my England trip. Then apart from that, I was away with my girlfriend, working hard and trying to get back training."
Grealish continued defending himself:

“I was getting a lot of stick off the lads for posting too many training photos on my Instagram. I think it's just one of them: when I do something, partying or whatever, it's going to get picked up on more than others. I've seen a lot of people in Ibiza and Vegas, but they didn't get nowhere near what I got.”

The English star then accepted that he will now always be in the limelight given the stature of the club he is playing at:

“People don’t really want to see you training hard after the season, they want to see all the other stuff – the controversial type of stuff. I’ve just tried to get used to that now. It was difficult earlier on in my career but I’ve had to get used to it."
Grealish added:

“I knew that coming to one of the biggest clubs in the world, and the best club in England, that I was going to get more of that. I’ve had to deal with it. Others will get it I suppose – Erling Haaland, Kalvin Phillips. It’s part and parcel of playing for a massive club. But you’ve got to keep smiling, haven’t you?”

Manchester City star Jack Grealish needs to fire next season

Jack Grealish's debut season for Manchester City was always going to be one under intense pressure. Becoming Britain's most expensive player and the need to match-up to the £100 million price-tag was always going to be problematic.

Grealish will likely be the first to accept that his first season at the Etihad Stadium wasn't one of enormous success.

Six goals and four assists in 39 appearances was an acceptable return, but he is expected to be better come next season.

He will be hoping to help City defend their Premier League crown as their season kicks off against West Ham United on August 7.
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