Champions League prize money breakdown 2023/2024: How much will Real Madrid or Dortmund Get.

Champions League prize money breakdown 2022/2023: How much do the UCL winners get from?

Champions League prize money breakdown 2023/2024

Participation in the Champions League can net clubs a significant financial windfall, making the top UEFA competition a primary objective for many European teams.

Furthermore, results in the Champions League can significantly increase a club's payout, meaning performances in the European tournament are of the utmost importance, as is advancement from round to round.

For the 2023/24 campaign, competition organizers announced the total purse for this season's Champions League would stay the same as last season, at €2.03 billion (£1.74bn/$2.19bn). 

The e360hubs brings you a full breakdown of the prize money allocations for group-stage and knockout-stage participants in the 2023/24 Champions League.

Champions League prize money 2023/24

Last season, first-time winners Manchester City picked up around €80million (£68.4m/$86.4m) in prize money during the tournament. 

This time around, the 2023/2024 Champions League winner — either Real Madrid or Dortmund — could have been paid a maximum total of €85.14m, but that would have required the winning side to have had a perfect campaign from start to finish. 

Overall, sides participating in the competition can gain prize money in several ways. The biggest wedge of money (55%) of the total prize pot is distributed amongst the clubs as a reward for their results in the competition as outlined below in the table. The other 45% of the pool is split across the complete 32 group-stage participants in two separate ways.

Stage Prize Money
Winner €20m (£17.2m/$21.5m)
Runner-up €15.5m (£12.9m/$16.12m)
Semifinalists €12.5m (£10.8m/$13.2m)
Quarterfinalists €10.6m (£9.1m/$11.4m)
Round of 16 €9.6m (£8.3m/$10.3m)
Group-stage wins €2.8m (£2.4m/$3m)
Group-stage draws €930k (£800k/$1m)
Reaching group stage €15.6m (£13.5m/$16.8m)

Breakdown of Payments:

Performance-Based Money (55%): 

This makes up the biggest chunk of the prize pot and rewards teams based on their results.
  • A table is included showing the prize money for each stage (Winner, Runner-up, etc.) along with the Euro, Pound, and Dollar equivalents.
  • Reaching the group stage itself brings a significant €15.6 million payout.
  • Winning each group stage match earns an additional €2.8 million while drawing brings €930,000.

Coefficient Payout (30%): 

This rewards teams based on their historical performance in European competitions over the past 10 years.
  • €600 million is distributed among all 32 group-stage teams based on a ranking system.
  • The ranking considers European trophies won and awards more money to historically successful clubs.

Broadcast Market Payout (15%): 

This share comes from television revenue and is distributed after all broadcast deals are finalized.
  • €300 million is allocated based on the value of each country's TV market.
  • National federations then distribute this money to their participating clubs, with 50% based on pre-determined percentages and 50% based on the number of matches played in the 2023/24 season.
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