'Could've easily gone the Umtiti route': Barca fans react to Araujo's surgery decision

'Could've easily gone the Umtiti route': Barca fans react to Araujo's surgery decision

Most Barcelona fans are pleased that Ronald Araujo has opted to undergo surgery.

The Uruguayan could now miss out on the World Cup participation, but this shows that he puts his Barca future at the forefront.

💭 "Araujo faced a classic club vs. country dilemma in resolving his treatment options. Uruguay obviously want him for the World Cup and recommended a more conservative course of action. Barca took the longer view to advocate for surgery which means a longer, but a more complete, recovery."

💭 "I rate Araujo even more now for opting to get surgery and prioritising his health over the World Cup. He could've easily gone the Umtiti route and flush his Barca career away. Him jumping over the Barca crest wasn't just for PR. Hope he comes back stronger."

💭 "Ronald Araujo may have just sacrificed his participation at the World Cup to guarantee a long-term future at Barcelona. More players like him."

💭 "Ronald Araujo has shown his bravery and I'm sure it will be rewarded. What's three months on the sidelines now compared to an inspiring career as a football elite and a Barca legend? Suffer now. Thrive later. Get well soon, Warrior."

💭 "Araujo once played El Clasico a couple of days after two nails were put in, despite the fact that he was recommended not to do so for his safety. He played for the love of the crest, the one he never steps on. Today he decides to undergo surgery and puts Barça before a World Cup. Captain in 2023. YES OR YES."

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