Old Trafford is 'huge obstacle' to potential Man United sale

Old Trafford is 'huge obstacle' to potential Man United sale

According to The Telegraph, the 'decaying' sight of Old Trafford is potentially putting off investors from buying Manchester United.

The once-iconic stadium is now a shadow of its former self, with repair and expansion costs estimated to be a whopping £1.1 billion.

That's not all - the timeframe for this project to be completed could be around seven to eight years, as per The Telegraph.

One must note that it's not just about repairing Old Trafford but investing enough money and time to bring it up to par with the world-class amenities at other stadiums.

This mega project is reportedly forcing investors to consider playing at a new stadium altogether instead of spending close to a billion on redeveloping Old Trafford.

Fans have spotted leaky roofs, shabby surroundings among other things that need repairing. And that's a lot of work for anyone to take on, considering the Glazers' lack of investment in improving facilities.

Source: The Telegraph
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