Copa Del Rey Prize Money 2023: how much will the winning team get in prize money?

2023 Copa Del Rey Prize Money: how much will the winning team get in prize money?

Copa Del Rey Prize Money 2023, Spanish Kings Cup Football, winning team prize money. 

The Spanish Football Association has confirmed the prize money for the 2023 Copa del Rey, and it’s a game-changer. The winners of the 2023 tournament will pocket around €1 million. The team who comes second, also known as the runners-up of the Copa del Rey, will receive €600,000 in prize money.

Breakdown of the Prize Money

The Spanish Kings Cup, or Copa del Rey, has very little information on who gets how much prize money. In fact, apart from the winner and the finalist, we do not really know for sure who earns how much from playing in the tournament.

Winners: The winners receive £1 million in prize money, plus TV revenue and gate receipts.
Runner-ups: The runners-up receive £600,000 in prize money, plus TV revenue and gate receipts.
The prize money in Copa del Rey is distributed starting from the qualifying preliminary rounds all the way to the final. Unfortunately for the fans and those seeking more information on the Copa del Rey prize money, we will not be able to give a detailed breakdown.

Copa Del Rey Prize Money 2023 Breakdown Round by Round

Rounds Winners Prize Money
1st Preliminary Round 184 £1,500
2nd Preliminary Round 160 £1,925
1st Qualifying Round 116 £3,000
2nd Qualifying Round 80 £4,500
3rd Qualifying Round 40 £7,500
4th Qualifying Round 32 £12,500
Copa Del Rey – Round 1 40 £18,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 2 20 £27,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 3 32 £67,500
Copa Del Rey – Round 4 16 £90,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 5 8 £180,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 6 4 £360,000
Semifinal Winners 1 £900,000
Semifinal Losers 1 £450,000
Runner-Ups 1 £900,000
Champions 1 £1,800,000

Comparisons with the FA Cup

However, it’s worth noting that the FA Cup is similar in practice, culture, history, and funding to that of the Copa del Rey. Hence, if you want a close idea of what teams in Copa earn, you can check out the FA Cup breakdown!

Remember though, the FA is slightly higher up in terms of finances so teams in Copa will likely be earning a little less – but not too much less.

In terms of how the FA Cup prize money breaks down – starting with the very early qualification rounds, FA awards a certain amount of money to winners of each round. There are two preliminary rounds, four qualifying rounds, six FA Cup proper rounds plus semifinal and final each year.

How much Copa Del Rey is worth?

As far as top Spanish teams are concerned winning Copa Del Rey only means prestige and honor because for top La Liga teams the prize money and financial rewards of playing or Winning Copa Del Rey is just a change compared to what they make in the league or champions league.

For example, Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey two years ago and they made around £2.2 million from their Copa Del Rey win but compared that to their Spanish League (£93million) or Champions League (£25million) earnings and you will see Copa Del Rey financial rewards are just a change for the clubs.

Having said that Copa Del Rey represents huge financial possibilities for clubs in lower leagues. So Copa Del Rey represents a good value for money as far as lower league teams are concerned.


While we may not have a detailed breakdown for each round of the 2023 Copa del Rey prize money, it’s clear that there’s a significant financial incentive for teams to perform well in this prestigious tournament. So let’s watch and bet on football live as we anticipate an exciting season ahead!
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