Dybala explains his celebration against Juventus: “It’s difficult for me too”

Dybala explains his celebration against Juventus: “It’s difficult for me too”

After spending seven memorable years in Turin, Paulo Dybala’s name will always be in the headlines whenever he plays against Juventus.

While the Argentine didn’t enjoy his best performance against his former employers, it was his actions at the final whistle that raised eyebrows.

Following Roma’s hard-fought victory over the Bianconeri, La Joya exhilarated alongside his teammates who wildly celebrated the victory, much to the dismay of some Juventus supporters.

Therefore, Dybala decided to explain himself to the Juventus fanbase, stating that he was only celebrating an important victory for his team, while never meaning to harm his old supporters.

The Argentine’s words suggest that he wouldn’t have celebrated had he scored a goal himself against the Bianconeri while adding that the whole situation was difficult for him as well.

“I know it’s difficult for you. It’s difficult for me too,” posted the striker on his Telegram group via ilBianconero.

“But today I’m playing for another team and with other teammates to whom I also have to show respect. Winning is never easy and for us it was important.

“There will always be respect. Don’t be fooled by social media. I didn’t celebrate a goal, and I didn’t hit anyone.

“I only celebrated a victory with my teammates. I’m sorry that you see it this way. I send you all a big hug! I love you.”

For seven years, Dybala was the darling of Juventus supporters. Therefore, none of us was pleased to see him enchanted following yesterday’s result. But as a professional player, he’s ought to aspire for what’s best for himself and his current employers.

Sunday’s victory was a significant one for Roma in their battle for a Top four spot, so Dybala had all the reasons in the world to join his teammates in their jubilant celebrations.

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