Fans are fuming with the presenter tipped to replace Gary Lineker on Match of the Day


Fans are fuming with the presenter tipped to replace Gary Lineker on Match of the Day

After the announcement that Gary Lineker will step back from presenting Match of the Day, fans are fuming over his possible replacement.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that the BBC will speak to Lineker over his social media activity.

The former England striker caused backlash after comparing the government’s latest asylum policy to Nazi Germany.

Lineker tweeted: “There is no huge influx. We take far fewer refugees than other major European countries.

“This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in a language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s, and I'm out of order?”

On Friday afternoon, it was confirmed that Lineker will step back from Match of the Day.

In a statement, the BBC said: “The BBC has been in extensive discussions with Gary and his team in recent days. We have said that we consider his recent social media activity to be a breach of our guidelines.

“The BBC has decided that he will step back from presenting Match of the Day until we've got an agreed and clear position on his use of social media.”

Now, fans have been reacting to the news that former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jermaine Jenas is the favourite to replace Lineker.

One fan said: “Oh dear!Jermaine Jenas is going to host Match of the Day full time isn't he, isn't he….”

 Another tweeted: “Can Jermaine Jenas step back too while we're at it? He's not done anything wrong, no one likes him.”

A third added: “Hope everyone’s happy; we’re gonna see Jermaine Jenas presenting MOTD till August now.”

Someone else wrote: “Jermaine Jenas better not be taking over.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Jermaine Jenas leading MOTD I swear I’ll stop watching.”

Another added: "Potentially the worst day in BBC history. The huge job losses in 2005 were dreadful, obviously. But this is the philosophical death knell of the public service broadcaster as we know it. Hard to see how it rescues its credibility from today's decisions."

Someone said: "This Gary Lineker story has gone absolutely nuts for no reason. How can they justify it?" A fourth fumed: "Embarrassing."

Others called for a total boycott of Match of the Day by regular presenters and pundits until Lineker is reinstated. One said: "I hope everyone at Match of the Day refuse to present the show until Gary Lineker is reinstalled back as presenter."

Another added: "@alanshearer Alan pal, please show solidarity and don't do MOTD this week either." While a third said: "Empty chair the whole thing".

Another said: "Time for @IanWright0 @alanshearer or whoever else does MOTD these days to not turn up. Be brave and stand up against this."

According to Sky News, Lineker has not agreed to step back from his Match of the Day presenting duties and instead claims that the BBC have taken him off air. Lineker is said to be unwilling to apologise for his tweets and admit he should not have posted them.

The BBC are yet to confirm who will replace Lineker for the foreseeable future.

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