WATCH: Olivier Giroud appears in TV segment with his older brother Romain and it's gone viral


Olivier Giroud appears in TV segment with his older brother Romain and it's gone viral

It turns out Olivier Giroud bears a striking resemblance to his older brother, Romain – and their recent appearance on French TV has got fans talking.

The AC Milan forward sat down with Téléfoot at the weekend to watch an emotional message from his sibling, Romain, who played for Auxerre before representing France at U15 and U17 level.

The 46-year-old, however, decided against a career in professional football, instead becoming a full-time nutritionist.

Since going into different professions, the brothers have supported each other, as Olivier went on the play for the likes of Montpellier, Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as the French national team.

Romain, meanwhile, wanted to show his admiration for his brother with a powerful message that brought Olivier to the brink of tears.

"For me, you are the best player in the world," he said. "I never told you, but through you, I made the career that I never managed to make."

But instead of the context behind their emotional meeting, many were gripped by their remarkable similarities in the looks department.

 One fan commented on the clip, saying: "His brother looks like a version of him that’s come back in time to prevent the apocalypse."

Another wrote: "Why did I think Giroud's brother was just Giroud with an age filter," while a third said: "Olivier Giroud’s brother looks like Olivier Giroud if he was cast as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings."

A fourth added: "That’s Giroud with a wig you cannot tell me different."

After becoming France's all-time top goalscorer last year, Olivier's brother Romain opened up about their relationship during an interview with L'Equipe.

“He grew up with older brothers and when he played football with us, he raised the bar," he said.

"Olivier always wanted to be on par with us to compete with us. And we lived together. This context has helped create a winning culture. He has this ability to seize and provoke opportunities. He is the soul of a striker, of scoring goals.”

Romain added: "He never dreamed of this record, he didn’t even consider it in the beginning. His dream was to be part of the French team and win titles with ‘Les Bleus’.”

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