An unknown Premier League footballer has released a rap song, fans have a theory on who it is

An unknown Premier League footballer has released a rap song, fans have a theory on who it is

An unknown Premier League footballer has released a rap track and fans think they've worked out who it is.

A top-flight star is using the alias 'Dide' for their side hustle music career and posted their first single, titled 'Thrill'.

It dropped on Friday and has already racked up 50,000 views on YouTube, where it contained the caption: "Get ready to be blown away by the powerful new music video for 'Thrill'! Our talented artist dives deep into the emotional turmoil and struggles he keeps hidden from the fans. From behind his mysterious rose mask, he proves himself an incredible lyricist, exploring identity, inequality, and modern society in astonishing detail."

Indeed, the player's face is completely covered by a large mask but it wasn't difficult for people to work out that the baller is a Londoner given all the shots of the 'Big smoke' in the video.

But many were able to analyse the slew of references in the song and visuals and uncover who the rapper is. There were shouts of Wilfried Zaha, Jadon Sancho and Reiss Nelson but plenty think that Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah has got bars as well as goals.

They've narrowed it down due to the name being an anagram of 'Eddi', a lyric about Gunners and his go-to celebration being performed in the video.

One fan wrote: "If you haven’t seen it already, an ‘unknown’ Premier League footballer has just dropped a new track. However, he’s not unknown to most of us; it’s Eddie Nketiah.

A second had the same thought, writing: "Eddie Nketiah released one of his first songs under the name 'Dide' (anagram of Eddi) if you haven’t heard it already go check it out!"

Another commented: "Eddie Nketiah has got bars #dide."

A fourth had a few other left-field predictions, saying: "DIDE has to be either Nketiah,Nelson, Tomiyasu, Saka or even Rob Holding but it’s 100% a Arsenal player."

A fifth added: "It's Nketiah. Dide is an anagram of Edie plus I think he says he's 23 in the full song."

A final user weighed in: "Some Arsenal player has turned into a rapper named Dide I reckon it’s Nketiah."

Manchester City's record-breaking striker Erling Haaland dabbled into rapping as part of the 'Flow Kingz' trio back in the day, while Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies was told to "stick to football" after fans heard his raps in the tune Nur Weil’, which means 'Only Because' in German.
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