Atletico Madrid sets clear terms on Felix's future, rules out sale to two specific clubs

Atletico Madrid sets clear terms on Felix's future, rules out sale to two specific clubs

According to Marca, Atletico Madrid has reportedly declared that they will not consider selling Joao Felix to Real Madrid or Barcelona, their La Liga rivals, under any circumstances.

Earlier, Barcelona's president Joan Laporta attempted to sign Joao Felix; however, Atletico's CEO, Gil Marin, opposed the move.

Gil Marin took a significant gamble by spending €127 million to acquire the promising Portuguese player, and he has consistently supported him to excel.

Although it has not occurred yet, Marin will prevent Felix from joining Barcelona.

The 23-year-old is not available for Real Madrid either, as Atletico is unwilling to engage in business with their local rivals.

The attacker is presently on loan at Chelsea, and although they have shown interest in securing him permanently, they have yet to take any decisive action towards that end.

Atletico has established a €100 million valuation for the ex-Benfica forward. 

Given their extravagant expenditures over the past year and their absence from the Champions League, Chelsea will likely face challenges in meeting this asking price.

The quality of Felix's performances justifies Atletico's asking price. While he has demonstrated moments of brilliance in London, doubts persist regarding his productivity and defensive involvement.

He has only managed to score two goals and squandered three significant opportunities in his 11 Premier League appearances. Furthermore, he has failed to make any goal contributions in the Champions League.

Following a disastrous campaign, the Blues are struggling to secure a permanent manager. They have a surplus of players and must reduce their squad before considering any further signings.

While it remains uncertain where Felix will play next season, it is certain that he will not be joining either Real Madrid or Barcelona.

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