Erling Haaland has studied 'best in the world' Jamie Vardy to improve his game

Erling Haaland has studied 'best in the world' Jamie Vardy to improve his game

Manchester City forward Erling Haaland has watched clips of "best in the world" Jamie Vardy to improve his decision-making when it comes to running in behind defenders.

Haaland, who is a self-confessed football addict, is somewhat obsessed with improving his overall game.

Not only does the Norwegian striker stick to a very strict diet that consists of heart, liver and his dad's homemade lasagne, but the he often goes above and beyond when it comes to studying players.

Back in 2020, Haaland revealed he was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo growing up and pinpointed the former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker as the benchmark.

"I would love to meet him and tell him that I am a footballer thanks to him," he said. "For me, he was always a model."

Haaland also told ViaPlay that he takes qualities from Zlatan Ibrahimovic into his own game.

"I've seen a lot of the good things he does," he said. "How he plays, his mentality of coming from nothing in Malmö, how he worked his a** off as a young man in Malmo.

"He's amazing. His karate goals and such things. Being so big and being so flexible.. His attitude is one of the best ever in football."

The 22-year-old is very open about his willingness to learn and improve. And while speaking to Sky Sports, the Manchester City forward referenced Leicester's Jamie Vardy as an example.

“I’ve been watching a lot of players,” he said last year. “Let’s take an example: the running in behind the centre-back when the No.10 has the ball.

"You maybe have the best in the world at that [in] Jamie Vardy, I’ve been looking a lot at him on exactly this.

“That’s how I am, I’ve always been watching a lot of football. I still do. When we play on Saturday, I go home and on Sunday I watch football all day. I’ve always liked football a lot.”

Haaland could potentially come up against Vardy in Saturday afternoon's Premier League between Manchester City and Leicester at the Etihad, as Pep Guardiola's side try and put the pressure on Arsenal.

Rather interestingly, Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk once compared Vardy to Haaland during the latter's spell at Borussia Dortmund.

"Haaland is a special striker: he’s strong, he’s quick and he’s got all the attributes to make a defender’s life very, very difficult,” van Dijk told Sky Sports .

"The first time [playing against him] was when he came on at Anfield and scored for Salzburg. He was very quick, aggressive, very direct.

"It's a bit like how Jamie Vardy plays, but Haaland is maybe a little bit stronger than Vardy."

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