Gary Neville's Generous Gesture: Offers to Pay for Man City Fan's FA Cup Final Tickets with One Condition Attached

Gary Neville's Generous Gesture: Offers to Pay for Man City Fan's FA Cup Final Tickets with One Condition Attached

Gary Neville, a legendary figure of Manchester United, has made an offer to pay for the FA Cup final tickets of a Manchester City supporter, but with a very particular condition.

On 3rd June, United and City will compete in a historic Manchester Cup final, having eliminated Brighton and Sheffield United in the semi-finals, respectively.

Although the rivals have faced each other twice before at Wembley, during the 2011 FA Cup semi-final and Community Shield, their upcoming match in the Manchester Cup final has the potential to become the greatest Manchester derby in history.

Neville, who served as the captain of United and played his entire professional career for the club, accumulating more than 600 appearances, has expressed his willingness to pay for the tickets of a City supporter to attend the highly anticipated match.

Neville's offer came in response to his apparent mockery of City's away fans following their 3-0 victory over Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

The attendance was announced as 69,603, 20,000 short of full capacity at the national stadium. City, who are regularly met with the "empty seat" jibes, have been to Wembley a staggering 19 times in the last decade and the cost for ticket and travel is anything but cheap for the working class fan.

City fan Andy Savage tweeted both Neville and United internet personality Mark Goldbridge and cheekily asked if they would pay for him and his son as they have been priced out for the cup final.

He wrote: "Hi @GNev2 @markgoldbridge, I’ve just seen the prices for the final at Wembley. I can’t afford to go with my son so I am just wondering if you fancy paying for us both? I would hate to disappoint you both having empty seats there."

Andy likely wasn't expecting a response but Salford City co-owner and Sky Sports pundit Neville agreed to cover the costs providing the City supporter is able to secure tickets through the club.

However, he gave Andy an ultimatum by asking him to not sing about United in the future.

Neville replied: "Ok mate I will pay for you and your son. I will follow you now and if you can get tickets I will sort. Please DM me.

"Just one thing though. If you can’t handle jokes make sure you don’t sing about United in the future. That a deal?"

 At the time of writing, there hasn't been an answer from Andy. Tickets for the cup final are yet to go on sale and there is no word on prices just yet.

However, they will be available to buy on the City and United official websites for qualifying supporters.

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