Leeds United Fan Buys £500 Manchester United Tickets at Charity Auction, Sets Them on Fire Afterwards


Leeds United Fan Buys £500 Manchester United Tickets at Charity Auction, Sets Them on Fire Afterwards

In a charity auction, a Leeds United fan spent £500 to obtain tickets for a Manchester United match, with the sole intention of setting them on fire.

It is safe to say that Manchester United, despite being one of the most successful teams in Premier League history, is not particularly popular among supporters of other clubs.

According to a 2019 survey, fans of 10 other teams considered the Red Devils as one of their top five rivals, and this was without taking into account data from Chelsea supporters.

Including teams such as Brighton & Hove Albion and Crystal Palace had the 13 times Premier League winners on their list, which would have meant for some confusing feeling for Palace fans on Saturday, as Erik ten Hag's side beat Brighton in the FA Cup semi-final.

Four years ago, Leeds were not in the top tier, but undoubtedly, their fans consider the cross-Pennines rivalry as one of the top five rivalries for their club.

 A fan recently demonstrated this by spending a significant amount on hospitality tickets at Old Trafford, only to burn them in front of others during an auction, as shown in the video below.

There was a mixed reaction to the action, with some fans, even those who follow Javi Gracia's team, claiming that the actions were 'a bit cringe.'

Others liked the decision to burn the tickets to ashes, claiming it was 'absolutely class,' whilst some pointed it was just a performative act.

Of course, as you can see in the video, the 'ticket' in question was just a PDF printed onto an A4 piece of paper, not like the tickets of old.

The individual responsible for managing the auction could effortlessly produce another auction item, whether it's intended for the Leeds supporter or someone else who has a genuine interest in it.

In the final analysis, the charity ultimately raised £500 from the amusing exchange, so regardless of whether one perceives it as awkward or resentful, no genuine harm was caused.

Leeds fans aren't too popular themselves outside of Elland Road, although they are still more popular than their fellow United followers.

According to a recent study, Manchester United have the most disliked fanbase in England's top division, beating rivals Liverpool into second place.

Fellow 'Big Six' clubs Chelsea and Arsenal were next on the list, with Leeds coming fifth, ahead of Tottenham Hotspur, and the Yorkshire club's fans are more hated by Man Utd fans than Liverpool fans are, the feelings are all mutual.

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