Video: Laporta and Tebas happily greet each other despite repeated disputes

Video: Laporta and Tebas happily greet each other despite repeated disputes

League president Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta coincided at the La Liga clubs' assembly which took place on Wednesday. Despite repeatedly clashing with each other in the public space, the two officials surprisingly shared a warm greeting.

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 Unfortunately, there is no audio so we do not know what they said to each other but judging by their facial expressions, they were joking about something.

Meanwhile, the investigation related to the Negreira case is ongoing and Tebas has once again said he believes Barcelona tried to influence the referees.

Earlier Laporta had gone after Tebas, accusing him of being part of the campaign to paint Barcelona as guilty.

“We are witnessing a Solomonic trial in which there are people who try to harm those of us who have not bowed to their requests and wishes. This is intolerable. I want to point out, specifically, the president of the Professional Football League, Javier Tebas.”

“With his constant accusations, he has fueled the controversy and has provided false documentation to the Prosecutor’s Office. I ask him to stop his verbal incontinence because he does not do the institution he represents any favours.”

“He is validating information that is false: he has even said that there is no report. The president of the Federation, for example, has not joined this lynching. Neither has the CSD. I appreciate your positions.”

Laporta returned to the attack later on during the questions section of the press conference.

“I would have liked the president of La Liga to have called us before making a judgement. We have found ourselves against a fireman with the attitude of an arsonist. Neither he nor any other club president has called us.”

Tebas has been regular in his demands for Laporta to explain the Caso Negreira, often responding to him via sociall media. Curiously, Tebas did not opine on the press conference at all on Monday, but will have the chance to do so on Wednesday to Laporta’s face.

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