Watch: Mind-Blowing Compilation Proves Cristiano Ronaldo's Underrated Playmaking Abilities


Watch:  Mind-Blowing Compilation Proves Cristiano Ronaldo's Underrated Playmaking Abilities

With Cristiano Ronaldo being the highest goal scorer for both Real Madrid and Portugal, it is easy to become fixated on his impressive goal-scoring statistics, leaving other aspects of his game overlooked.

A recently trending compilation on social media is shedding light on another aspect of Cristiano Ronaldo's skills beyond his proficiency in scoring goals. The video highlights his exceptional abilities as a playmaker, proving that he is still a top player in this regard.

Although it may be difficult to recall, Cristiano Ronaldo's career began as a skilled winger with a comparatively average record in scoring goals. He was recognized more for his impressive footwork, such as stepovers and tricks, rather than his ability to finish in front of the goal.

As time progressed, Ronaldo moved up the field and evolved into a prolific center-forward, a role in which he continues to excel, evidenced by his goal-scoring achievements with Al Nassr.

The clip that has gone viral demonstrates that Ronaldo's instincts as a winger to assist his teammates did not disappear from his skill set, even as he transitioned into a center-forward role.

You can watch it below.

The two-minute compilation, shared by @Ark_10_, shows Ronaldo at his creative best for Real Madrid, teeing up Karim Benzema from a variety of positions.

Taking up his familiar position on the left wing, which he often played during his time at Real Madrid, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner is seen in the video playing multiple through balls and crosses to his long-standing French teammate.

When discussing the never-ending debate of who the greatest footballer of all time is, Lionel Messi fans often argue that Cristiano Ronaldo's creative abilities are not on par with the Argentine's.

It is true that both players have different roles on the pitch, and Messi fans do make a valid argument about his superior creativity. However, it is indisputable that Ronaldo is also capable of being a playmaker, as he has demonstrated throughout his illustrious career.

The Twitter compilation mentioned earlier is notable for showcasing the chances that Ronaldo created, which unfortunately were not converted into goals, as Benzema missed all of them.

One user replied to the original tweet with: "Lmao this Benzema fail comp never gets old", with another points out that the Frenchman "only got good after 2020" - implying Ronaldo would have a lot more assists to his name if his strike-partner had been more reliable back then.

Others simply replied with Messi compilations, as is to be expected when anything positive is posted about Ronaldo online.

Nevertheless, the video goes to show that CR7's legacy of scoring goals at a record-breaking rate isn't the only thing we should remember him for.

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