'We need to stop' - Chelsea star Thiago Silva blames Todd Boehly for Chelsea struggle in explosive rant

'We need to stop' -  Chelsea star Thiago Silva blames Todd Boehly in explosive rant

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva delivered a brutally honest assessment of the club's current situation under Todd Boehly's ownership in a powerful post-match interview.

The Blues were knocked out of the Champions League by defending champions Real Madrid on Tuesday night after a brace from Rodrygo sealed a 4-0 aggregate win for the Spanish club.

It was the latest setback in what has been a pretty disastrous season considering the sheer amount spent in the summer and January transfer windows.

And in his post-match interview following last night's quarter-final defeat to Los Blancos, a fed up Thiago Silva gave a damning insight into the ownership and overall decision-making across the board. Check it out below:

Speaking to beIN Sports on the Stamford Bridge touchline, Silva said: "I think the first step has been made. An incorrect step. but it has been made.

"We can't be blaming managers if we don't take responsibility. It's a hard period for the club with a lot of indecision: change of ownership, new players arriving. We had to increase the size of the changing room because it didn't fit the size of the squad.

"A positive point is that there are amazing players in the squad but on the other hand there are always players that are going to be unhappy. There is always going to be someone upset because not everyone can play.

"The manager can only pick 11 from a squad of 30-something – that’s tough. Some can’t make the squad, we signed eight in January, we need to stop and put a strategy in place otherwise next season we could make the same mistakes.

"Everybody talks too much about replacing managers. I think we, as players, must also take responsibility. We have had three managers this season, plus a fourth with Bruno where we failed to win.

"We have lost today and with Lampard we have failed to win. Everybody is talking about the manager but we must look at what has been done wrong and try to change."

Here's how fans on social media have reacted to the interview.

One said: "This is what a leader looks like. Todd Boehly can't make any further mistakes," while another commented: "Ooooft..that’s a pretty revealing interview. Can Todd’s ego handle it?"

A third wrote: "Paints a more accurate portrayal than any piece of journalism, the pain on his face is clear for all to see. Most senior figure at the club coming out and saying this says a lot. Need 6-8 to go in the summer, no room for sentimentality."

A fourth added: "Wish any spurs player had the courage to say this. Instead our veterans and captains continue to say 'we’ll work harder' and blame others."

Even former Leicester City and Spurs striker Gary Lineker got involved in the conversation, saying: "Speaks a lot of sense here."

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