Why Madrid's Valverde punched Alex Baena in Bernabeu car park - explained

Why Madrid's Valverde punched Alex Baena in Bernabeu car park - explained

Federico Valverde is alleged to have punched Villarreal's Alex Baena in the car park after Real Madrid's defeat on Saturday night, but why?

After Real Madrid's dramatic 3-2 defeat it is alleged that Valverde punched Baena in the bus parking area. The pair had a war of words on the pitch, with Valverde telling Baena he would meet him after the game - and he clearly meant it.

During a Copa del Rey match between the two sides in January, Baena is alleged to have insulted Valverde about his unborn son. It is claimed Baena repeated a similar slur in Saturday's match and Valverde reacted by waiting for Baena in the bus parking lot and attacking him. The Villarreal winger was later seen with a bruise and swollen cheek.

Baena has denied making any comments of that nature, posting on Instagram: "Very sad about the aggression I suffered after the match and surprised by what is being said about my person. It is totally false that I said that!"

Valverde and his partner Mina Bonino experienced a miscarriage scare earlier this year, but in February they were given the brilliant news that that was not the case and that their unborn child was actually alive and well. The day after receiving this news he scored a brace in the Club World Cup final.

It is not clear what action will be taken from this incident just yet and whether Valverde will suffer any repercussions on the pitch, as well as off it. Real Madrid's attention, however, will turn to Wednesday night when they host Frank Lampard's Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-final first leg.

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