'Devil Baby' model pleads guilty to stalking Chelsea's Mason Mount & former team-mate Billy Gilmour

'Devil Baby' model pleads guilty to stalking Chelsea's Mason Mount & former team-mate Billy Gilmour

Model and TikToker Orla Sloan has pleaded guilty to stalking and harassing Chelsea players Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell, and Billy Gilmour. The 21-year-old, with the moniker 'Devil Baby', used a variety of phone numbers and social media accounts to pursue the players after a short relationship with Mount.

Sloan pleaded guilty to stalking, involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, against Gilmour, a charge of stalking Mount, and a third allegation of harassing Chilwell.

The trio came into contact with Sloan in November 2020 when Chilwell threw a house party. Prosecutor Jason Seetal said:

"Following that, Mr Mount and Ms Sloan slept together once”, he said. “There was communication between them for around six months and Mr Mount decided that the relationship wasn’t going to progress anymore. He decided to end contact with Ms Sloan.”

The Chelsea stars were put under further pressure from the model when she created alternative social media accounts to harass them further. The court found that she created an Instagram account, 'devilbaby_10', calling Mount a "criminal." She also reportedly tried to contact the player's friends and family.

Former Blues midfielder Gilmour has also claimed that he was repeatedly messaged by Sloan, which the youngster claimed affected his playing form.

"I was not able to sleep and had to take sleeping tablets on occasions. It had a knock-on effect on my performance."

He added that he was left “extremely stressed” and struck by “feelings of panic.”

“For a period of time, I was consistently receiving notifications of messages from Orla, or contacted by people she was harassing. I was worried not only for myself but also those targeted by Orla.”

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