OnlyFans star bared all and went to game in Gunners kit made of paint'


'I'm Arsenal fan who bared all and went to game in Gunners kit made of paint'

Arsenal's final day celebration didn't come with the Premier League title - but that didn't stop GreenGirlBella from wowing fans with her body painted kit.

"I'm exhausted. I've just spent about 20 minutes trying to scrub off red in the shower," Arabella Mia joked to Daily Star Sport, when asked about the final day of the season.

Arabella, who goes by GreenGirlBella on social media, had been Arsenal's unexpected star of the show on Sunday afternoon. The stunner had rocked up to the Emirates with Arsenal's home kit painted on her body, wearing underwear and nipple covers to protect her modesty.

"I was just thinking to myself, I used to do body paint in college, and I was like, that would be so cool," she explained when asked about the decision.

"If I can make a YouTube video of me just going around and talking to the fans, while I'm just covered in paint, because I was like nobody uses body paint for anything!"

GreenGirlBella had been hoping to gauge the reaction from fans on her outfit - and she was over the moon when it was all positive towards her. She added fans had been coming over and asking for pictures: "Honestly, people were so nice!"

However, the look hadn't come easy, and GreenGirlBella had spent four hours with her team perfecting the look before she headed to the Emirates. The stunner joked she had to keep going outside to let it dry as it "kept getting smudged!"

GreenGirlBella had a wider message of body positivity with the outfit too: "I've always been curvy... but it's just it was just more of a sign to show people that, you know, it doesn't actually matter. Like, it's like your skin is your skin and your body is your body."

OnlyFans star bared all and went to game in Gunners kit made of paint'

It wasn't just at the stadium that GreenGirlBella showed off the look - and she took to social media with snaps of the fit. The Arsenal fan has a large social media following - and she also runs an OnlyFans page for more X-rated snaps.

She added: "It was just more to show people that it doesn't really matter!"

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