4 Things to Consider When Placing a Sports Bet

4 Things to Consider When Placing a Sports Bet

There’s nothing more exciting than placing a bet on your favourite sports team, but trying to nail those 
predictions down can sometimes feel like a huge guessing game.

However, with a few preparations beforehand, you can avoid much of the guesswork and make an 
intelligent bet before the big game. Below are four things to consider when placing a sports bet. 

Shop Around for a Bookkeeper 
With so many online bookkeepers available, finding the right one to bet with is challenging. One particular betting site might assign lower odds to your favourite team than others. But you won’t know that unless you shop around. 

The best betting sites have tried to make the selection process more accessible by offering incentives to 
new users. For example, you can use the Betway sign-up code for Kenyan players. If you ever need any 
help, their customer service team is always on the line. 

Keep an Eye on the News 
You don’t need to be an expert to know that the odds of a team winning or losing can change in a blink of an eye. A player getting injured during practice or a return of a star player from injury can change the odds. Where the game is played can also affect a team's performance. You're putting yourself at a 
disadvantage if you’re not checking the headlines.

A quick look at the headlines should help you decide whether to place a bet or not, and what kind. A 
glance at the news on the morning of the match should give you a tip on any potential changes on the 
betting line. 

Learn the Type of Bet you Want 
Different sports offer various betting opportunities. Of course, you can always take the simplest route and bet on who you think will win. But if you want to get more involved with the game and have more fun with your chances, you should learn about the different options offered.

Different sports use different terminologies, so it's worth learning what moneyline, over/under, point 
spread and other betting words mean. Most of these terms cross over to other sports, which can help if 
you like betting on different leagues. But if you focus on one specific sport, learning all related terms can be beneficial. 
Consider Your Team’s Recent Performances 
Just because your team is the favourite to win the game, this doesn’t mean they will. You must also 
consider how they’ve played in their recent games. Have they been playing consistently or are they more scattered? Do they look like a cohesive team or are the players sometimes clueless with no clear tactic?

You don’t need to watch every single one of your team’s games to get a feel for how they’ve been playing recently. You can get that information from post-game analyses or even just a glance at the scores of their past few games. Use that information to determine what kind of bet you should place before their next game. 
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