FIFA slammed for letting World Cup take place on ‘farmland'


FIFA slammed for letting World Cup take place on ‘farmland'

The pitch that will host the semi-finals and the final of the Under-20 World Cup in Argentina has been slammed by media and supporters, with some comparing it to farmland.

FIFA have been slammed for making teams play on ‘farmyard pitches’ at the current Under-20 World Cup in Argentina.

The tournament was switched to the South American country at late notice after Indonesia were stripped of the event over their refusal to host Israel. Peru and Qatar declared an interest in stepping in but senior World Cup champions Argentina were given the honour.

With the tournament well underway, big question marks have been raised over the standard of the playing surfaces at the four venues. The pitch in La Plata, which will host both semi-finals and the final, has come in for particularly scathing criticism.

During the group game between Brazil and Nigeria, many fans highlighted the bare patches on the pitch and said it wasn’t good enough for a major international tournament.

Nigerian journalist Fisayo Dairo tweeted: “I'm horrified by the state of this pitch in La Plata, especially considering it is a major venue for this tournament. All semi-final matches and even the final are slated for this pitch. FIFA must change plans.”

Meanwhile, one fan posted: “Argentina just presented farmlands as pitches for the FIFA Under 20 World Cup. Horrible playing surfaces.”

Another tweeted directly to FIFA: “Dear @FIFAcom, I am ashamed you approved this playing stuff for an under-20 world cup match in Argentina. Am sure if the host were to be an African country this stadium would not qualify for a training pitch. Your hypocrisy is in 4D.”

Another said: “The pitches for this current FIFA under-20 world cup in Argentina are terrible. Why would FIFA go below average?

One asked: “How did Argentina host this U20 World Cup with these pitches?? Jesus!!”

Another fumed: “Wonder why @FIFAcom could approve the Plata pitch for the U20 World Cup ongoing at Argentina to be played on? More of a potato pitch. Or they are U20s so they don't deserve better? Is too bad. And this pitch will host more games. 2 semi finals and one 3rd place. Pathetic.”

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