Man City chairman breaks silence on 115 FFP charges

 Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has spoken out about the club's 115 charges of breaching FFP laws, encouraging lawmakers to judge them on their achievements on the pitch

Man City chairman breaks silence on 115 FFP charges

Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak insists Pep Guardiola's Treble winners should be judged on their success on the pitch - despite the suspicion that continues to hang over them.

Guardiola's side clinched a historic Treble this season after winning a first Champions League crown to add to their Premier League title and FA Cup success. But the achievement remains tainted due to the fact City are facing 115 charges of breaking the Premier League's Financial Fair Play rules over a nine-year period.

This has called into question just how genuine the success has been. But Al Mubarak said Guardiola and his players should still be lauded for their success on the pitch, despite the allegations they face.

He said: "We're going through the legal process. These are proceedings that take whatever time they take - and when we're done, we’ll have a conversation.

"I'll give you my very blunt views, I promise you that. I have very strong views on that, but I am going to be unfortunately very restrained today.

"Of course, I mean, it's very frustrating, because it takes so much from the great work that's happening at this club - and it's happening not just on the football pitch.

"The football pitch - we talked about that, what these players have achieved this year, the Treble, is incredible.

"I hope people focus and judge them for their football and what they're achieving on the pitch - and what they're achieving in every competition they're in. That's the reality."

Al Mubarak insists his club is well run and has created a commercial machine that is now the best brand in world football - despite what some people continue to think.

He added: "The club as a whole is well run. The value of this group is over $6billion (£4.7bn). We've created so much value and we've brought in world class investors.

"Why? Because we have a commercial machine here that is one of the best in the world. Our executives are being targeted by the best teams in the world - always.

"People appreciate that we are producing - not just the best talent on the pitch, not just the best talent in the academy, not just the best talent in the group, but we're producing some of the best executives in the world, some of the best scouts in the world, some of the best sporting staff in the world.

"We're the number one football brand in the world. These are the facts. The club generates a tremendous revenue. You look at our sales in terms of what we produce, in terms of our academy, from our first team. Look at last year. I mean look at our net spend figures.

"We can go on for half an hour right now with me just giving you data in terms of net spend over the last season, net spend over the last three years, over the last five years, over the last ten years – look at every single one of them and just look at these as the facts and compare us to our competition and then people will throw at us ‘the biggest spenders’, ‘you have the biggest squad’. I wish people can just pause and ask the question and get the facts and then comment.”

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