Married England and Premier League star had sex with girl in nightclub then tried to hush it up

 The married footballer, who plays in the Premier League and represents England, is scared the revelation will be the last straw for his wife and their relationship

Married England and Premier League star had sex with girl in nightclub then tried to hush it up

A married Premier League footballer had sex in a nightclub with another woman.

The England star romped with the girl – who is in her 20s – in a private room. They later spoke regularly and had sex again ­before the player dumped her.

The Three Lions ace – who has been accused of cheating before – has now hired lawyers to try to get the girl to sign a gagging order to keep the fling a secret.

The star, who is a household name, is said to be scared the revelation could be the “final straw” for his weary wife.

But the woman’s pals say she is not playing ball.

A source said: “There’s been rumours that have got to this girl that she is not the only one he was seeing at the time.

“She thought they had something special, he told her he was not with his wife but it was being kept under wraps, but it was all lies.

“The girl is well off so doesn’t need his hush money, and it looks like it could spell a whole world of trouble for him if it gets out.”

The pair started talking on social media after the player ent her a private message.

He first met the young woman, who is not famous but is well known on the clubbing scene, at a party.

After the event he contacted her on Instagram, at first talking about a “private joke” they had shared at the event.

They exchanged a string of messages as the player finished off the season, with him telling her she was the “best distraction” from the stress he was feeling “at work”.

A source continued: “They spoke for ages and in time it turned to more. They even had sex at the back of a nightclub in a private room at a private event. They spoke regularly but they only slept together a couple of times because of his schedule.

“She feels used and is so upset. She’s furious she’s been lied to and is saying she wants to talk to his wife as she thinks she has a right to know what her husband has been doing behind her back.”

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