Napoli ultras return parts of Luciano Spalletti's stolen car as a leaving gift


Napoli ultras return parts of Luciano Spalletti's stolen car as a leaving gift

Napoli ultras have returned part of Luciano Spalletti's stolen car as their half of an agreement and for his leaving gift.

Spalletti was the architect for Napoli winning their first Serie A title in 33 years when it was confirmed last month with five games of the campaign still to go.

It was the first time the club had been crowned champions of Italy without the legendary Diego Maradona in the team, making it all the more impressive.

Despite winning the title the manager has decided to take a year long sabbatical for the final season of his contract so won't be back in charge.

Whilst fans might be worried about him going now back in October 2021 the ultras weren't happy with him, stealing his Fiat Panda and leaving a poster in its place reading: "Spalletti, we'll give you back your Panda as long as you leave! Signed the thieves,"

With the manager leaving they've lived up to their end of the bargain, kind of, giving him the steering wheel and some CDs, as you can see in the video below.

Watch video below...

The car had been stolen from outside of his hotel in the October and it wasn't until the following May, with the club in 3rd place that he was sent the ransom note.

Spalletti though had no plans at that time to give the ultras what they wanted, saying: "We are doing our job in the right way, I will definitely remain Napoli's coach next year.

"The Panda, first we will see in what condition they return it to us, how many kilometers they have traveled, and if there are Pino Daniele CDs inside. We will evaluate it when it happens."

Of course the thieves do have a sense of humour and they did follow up with the music of Italian singer-songwriter Pino Daniele in his leaving present.

Scenes in the city were absolutely incredible after they secured their first title in over three decades, by defeating Udinese away from home.

It sparked mad celebrations throughout the city, though they unfortunately ended on a dark note with hundreds injured and a death.

Much of the talk about the team since the title win has been about which players they will lose, with Victor Osimhen and Kim Min-jae heavily linked with clubs.

However none of that is Spalletti's worry, not now he's got a steering wheel to get him out of the city and some tunes to listen to on the way out.

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