Tottenham Hotspur submit plans to increase size of hotel next to stadium

Tottenham Hotspur submit plans to increase size of hotel next to stadium

Tottenham have submitted a new proposal to Haringey Council to increase the size of the building to be constructed next to their stadium

Tottenham Hotspur have submitted a pre-planning application to Haringey Council as they seek to increase the height of the new 'blade-like' hotel they are looking to build next to their stadium.

The plans for the complex on the south end of the huge stadium always contained a hotel, approved in 2016, which would be built in a later phase of the development. Now the club have submitted new proposals, discussed at a Haringey Council planning committee meeting on June 5, to make the hotel even bigger and tweak its appearance.

The club submitted the pre-planning application to the committee for the building, designed by F3 Architects, ahead of a full planning application which Spurs intend to submit later this summer.

The new proposals would see the hotel, which also contains residential apartments, increase in height by 17m, adding another five storeys to its summit. The extra space will result in larger apartments than those currently approved rather than add to the 49 planned in the proposed 22-storey building.

The proposals also document a tweak to the shape of the building in order to provide more space on the ground between it and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, while enhancing its blade-like appearance and providing a separate entrance for residential

"The reconfiguration of the massing of the hotel building would create a slenderer base and greater separation from the newly-built Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, as well as further defining the 'blade' like appearance and slenderness of the upper part of the hotel building," read the document presented to the committee.

"The layout would be altered to allow the hotel rooms to be separated from the upper floor residential by the re-siting of the restaurant from the top floor to the proposed 12th floor of the building.

"The approved ground floor bar/café area, which opened directly on to the plaza, would now solely be for separate lobby areas for the hotel and residential entrances. The roof terrace and bar on top of the building would be removed."

It added: "The rationale for the amendments to the layout and design of the hotel is in part improving the appearance of the building through achieving a more slender design whilst retaining the prominence of the hotel building.

"This would also allow for an improved layout of the central cores, as opposed to the northern and southern edges of the approved floor plan improving the aspect to the accommodation within the building.

"Changes in fire regulations have also resulted in amendments to the cores and stair/lift access and by separating the residential from the hotel rooms, there is no need for all lifts to go all the way to the roof."

The plans for the hotel that were originally approved contained 'The Tottenham Experience' - a since-built multi-use structure incorporating the Grade II-listed Warmington House and including the club's megastore, a ticket office, and a planned cinema and café, plus outline planning permission for a 50m high 'Extreme Sports building', a community health centre as well as four housing blocks to be built between 16 and 31 storeys high.

There are also plans in progress to develop land west of the football stadium with 646 new homes, new shops and workspaces, on Spurs-owned sites the Goods Yard, Printworks and The Depot.

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