Neymar involved in fight with unknown man while on night out with pregnant partner Bruna Biancardi

Neymar involved in fight with unknown man while on night out with pregnant partner Bruna Biancardi

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) attacker Neymar reportedly had an altercation with another man outside of a nightclub last weekend. Prior to that, Neymar was spotted cozying up with his pregnant girlfriend Bruna Biancardi.

The pair were even seen spending some close time together as they shared a lollipop. However, the night reportedly ended in a controversial manner as the Brazilian player was involved in an altercation (according to Mundo Deportivo).

The exact reason for the reported altercation is unknown. Other people and security of the nightclub reportedly got involved to break the pair up. The Brazilian was attending a Thiaguinho concert in Rio de Janeiro alongside Bruna Biancardi.

Neymar recently issued a public apology to his pregnant girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. The Brazilian admitted to cheating on his partner. The PSG forward's revelation took many aback.

Bruna's sister, Bianca Biancardi, slammed the Brazilian forward after he admitted to infidelity. Bianca took to social media to share his take on the matter. She wrote a prolonged message, which read (via AS):

"You could send this on WhatsApp, but since he likes to joke on the internet, let's go. To be clear, as long as this exposure and debauchery continue to happen, I will continue to speak.""I suggest you stop dealing with serious situations with laughter. I know it's hard to realize the seriousness of the situation when you don't have responsibility, commitment, and care for others."
Bianca added:

"The comments on the photo where he acknowledges the betrayal prove that. Many quote God and Bible verses. The famous 'Christians', who speak, but do not apply the word of God in the day to day and in their relationships."
She concluded:

"He's making fun of the situation instead of feeling embarrassed. He's laughing on social media and leaving my sister in a bad place, once again. A man who refuses to be a man refuses to mature and take responsibility for what he does."

While the PSG forward's on-field talent is undeniable, he seemingly can't stay away from off-the-field controversies. The recent saga involving his pregnant partner once again highlighted that matter.
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