Roy Keane admits he was caught in strip club on United tour

 Manchester United legend Roy Keane admitted he visited a strip club while the team were on a pre-season tour of the US - and was caught red-handed by the press

Roy Keane admits he was caught in strip club on United tour

Roy Keane has sensationally revealed he was once caught in a strip club while on pre-season tour with Manchester United.

The former Red Devils captain left Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and the audience in stitches after regaling the story on an episode of The Overlap on Tour.

Keane said he didn't have much memory of being in the … *ahem* …. gentleman's special interest establishment, and was hilariously over-confident when the club's press officer revealed that a story about his visit was about to break.

"We had a night out, we took a couple young players, pre-season, we were definitely in Chicago, I remember that," the Irishman revealed. "Woke up the next morning, Denis [Irwin] is waking me up. We’re kind of trying to get down for the bus where we were travelling.

"I looked and all my face was black, just black. I couldn’t work out what happened. I went: ‘Jesus.’ Trying to get my gear on. I get on the bus, it’s all coming back to me. I’m sitting at the back of the bus … our press officer sends us a story about some of the Man United players being in a strip club, Chicago.

"So I’m down the back, I said: ‘Don’t worry about it. They’ve got no proof. No proof. Everyone relax. I’ve got it under control. I’m obviously the captain, you’re fine with me.’

"Five minutes [later], the phone goes again. Apparently, they’ve got proof. I said: ‘What have they got? What have they got?’ They said: ‘They’ve got your fingerprints'.

"He also said: ‘They have your credit card details. Your passport details.’ And I said: ‘Is that all they’ve got on me?’

"So the bus erupted. They’ve done a story obviously in-depth and obviously when I went in I gave my fingerprints during the night and then I was just rubbing my face as the night was going on.

 "I think they ran the story and the headline in some of the Irish papers was something like ‘Horny Devils’ or something."

Keane, Neville and Carragher have been travelling around the country taking Neville's popular YouTube show on tour.

The trio have been getting up to all sorts since the football season ended, including abseiling, sky diving and cooking. Could strip clubbing be next? Time will tell.

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