VIDEO: Insane highlights of Real Madrid vs Barcelona U10s has gone viral - Real's No.10 is unreal

Insane highlights of Real Madrid vs Barcelona U10s has gone viral - Real's No.10 is unreal

Footage from the so-called 'mini-El Clasico' has racked up over 12 million views and counting this weekend, with many fans impressed by the "insane" standards on show.

Barcelona, a club with one of the most prestigious youth academies in world football, recently came up against Real Madrid with their U10 side.

From the very first minute, Los Blancos made their intentions clear by playing out from the back. In fact, after the full-back produced a marauding run, talented midfielder Hugo Fernandez slotted away with ease.

Soon, the Madrid number 10, who was being compared to Luka Modric by many in the comments section, would steal the show with his individual runs and impressive close control.

One fan commented: "That boy wearing number 10 for us will go far. He's a baller," while another wrote: "Luka Modric knows he’s about to retire soon, so he did us the courtesy of providing us his clone."

Check out the footage below.

 Although La Masia were beaten by the better team on the day, Barcelona certainly made them work for it.

With 15 minutes on the clock, Barca's number 10 whipped a free-kick over the Madrid wall from distance and into the net – a goal that earned comparisons to Lionel Messi, of all people.

Here's how fans on Twitter reacted to the footage.

One said: "If you ever saw an u10's football match you will know how crazy this video is," while another commented: "More technical security and spatial awareness from our u10 fullbacks than Carvajal last season."

A third wrote: "This is absolutely insane. If you think about the fact that there's a really high chance that Real Madrid's #10 here doesn't make it as a professional footballer, and he's already MILES better than any of us, how are there people on here thinking they'd get 10g/a in the PL?"

Real Madrid's No.10 looked extra special

While every player on show looked extremely talented, there was one player who stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

He was wearing the No.10 shirt for Real Madrid and was the captain of the team.

"#10 for Madrid is absolutely obscene. U10’s ffs," a fan noted.

Another added: "#10 is insane… wtf."

While some were comparing him to the legendary Luka Modric.

"Baby Modric is INSANE. He ate these man up. How can you be 9 and ball like this?" one wrote.

Another joked: "Looks like Modric is never leaving Real Madrid cos he cannot be 38yo and be playing U10 games."

"This Madrid captain is insane for his age," said another fan.

"This is phenomenal. That number 10 for Madrid is going right to the top of the game. Absolutely phenomenal talent on display here already," another added.

While it's incredibly early and a lot can happen in the next six, seven, eight years, it seems incomprehensible that some of these youngsters don't go on to become stars for Real Madrid and Barcelona - or at least make it as a top professional.

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