PSG defender calls Barca 'shi**y team' in talk with Mbappe and Dembele

PSG defender calls Barca 'shi**y team' in talk with Mbappe and Dembele

Dembele's surprising transfer from Barcelona to PSG this summer raised eyebrows as the Parisian club promptly activated his €50 million release clause.

The relationship between Barcelona and PSG has been strained, especially since the activation of the release clause for former Barcelona player Neymar.

In a recent circulating video, a conversation among PSG players features Lucas Hernandez, a former player of Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid, referring to Barcelona as a shitty club.

Here's an excerpt from a conversation during one of their recent training sessions:

💬 Kylian Mbappe – addressing Ousmane Dembele: "Coming from Barca, why not join us in singing at the first team meeting, as is tradition?"

💬 Lucas Hernandez: How can a shi**y team teach you how to sing?"

Reportedly, Dembele chose not to respond, which is not surprising.

Lucas Hernandez, who joined PSG from Bayern Munich this summer after a 4-year tenure in Germany, played a significant role in Bayern's 8-2 victory over Barcelona in 2020.

Before his time at Bayern, the 27-year-old spent several years at Atletico Madrid, possibly contributing to his evident disdain for Barcelona.
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