PSG Star Neymar allegedly involved in intercourse with a man


PSG Star Neymar allegedly involved in intercourse with man

Sophia Barclay has dropped a bombshell. The Brazilian influencer appeared on a TV show in her home country and revealed something that directly involves Neymar Jr.

According to Barclay, the Paris Saint-Germain footballer had sexual relations with another famous Brazilian man during a party he hosted himself amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

This revelation has once again put Neymar Jr in the spotlight, and as has become a trend in recent years, it has nothing to do with his sports performance.

Currently focused on PSG's friendly matches in Japan, the Brazilian must now confront the off-field scandal that has emerged following Sophia Barclay's statements.

During the Brazilian TV show 'Chupim,' Barclay revealed the bombshell that implicates Neymar Jr. As claimed by the South American influencer, the PSG footballer engaged in sexual relations with a man at a secret party he organized during the pandemic.

PSG Star Neymar allegedly involved in intercourse with a man

"Both of them had sex with each other. Then, the girl and I got in the middle, and they kissed, everyone kissed. There were no limits,"
she said.

To prevent such leaks, Neymar forced all party attendees to leave their mobile phones in a separate room, guarded by people he trusted.

Additionally, they had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Barclay resisted and refused to sign the agreement, and now she has exposed the truth about what happened at that secret party.

The man Neymar allegedly had sexual relations with is Pedro Scooby. He is a young Brazilian surfer, known not only for his skill in riding waves but also for his private life. He has three children with actress Luana Piovanni, whom he left to pursue a romance with the famous singer Annita.

Adding to his fame, Pedro Scooby participated in the last edition of Big Brother Brazil, the Brazilian version of the reality TV show. He boasts six million followers on Instagram.

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