VIDEO; Aston Villa fan mobbed by Valencia fans who thought he was a player


Aston Villa fan mobbed by Valencia fans who thought he was a player

A man wearing Aston Villa attire was able to fully convince Valencia fans that he was a player for the club in some quite incredible scenes.

The Midlands outfit are playing their final game of pre-season against the La Liga outfit, travelling to the Mestalla to play against the side manager Unai Emery took charge of for four years between 2008 and 2012.

But there was utter hilarity before the game as Amando, a massive Villa fab from Ghana, was mobbed by Valencia supporters.

The fan, whose Twitter account is @AvfcGhana, travelled to Valencia to watch his beloved Villa and called it "a childhood dream".

His day was already a special before kick-off as he ended up being bombarded by fans who assumed he played for Villa.

Amando was wearing a Kappa Villa tracksuit containing the No.41, the jersey which midfielder Jacob Ramsey wears for the club.

And a viral video shows him being swarmed by fans, who asked for pictures and autographs. Amando, as you would, absolutely lapped it up and took photos with a slew of naive youngsters like a celebrity.

Watch Video Below...

He posted the clip, with the caption, "I'm Jacob Ramsey. Can't believe my eyes. I'm living the best of my life. What a time to be alive. It will not cost you anything to retweet."

When a user asked if Valencia fans thought he was a player, he replied: "Bro I can control the Villa midfield easily."

The duping led to plenty of reaction online, with fans loving what they saw from Amando.

One said: "I wonder who they thought he was."

A second stated: "Looool. Fairplay for going along."

A third commented: "This is an absolute classic!"

A fourth wrote: "Hahaha heroic behaviour."

Another chimed: "This is incredible."
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