VIDEO; Cristiano Ronaldo takes lie detector test and calls it 'one of his hardest challenges yet'


Cristiano Ronaldo takes lie detector test and calls it 'one of his hardest challenges yet'

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if he would trade his Champions League trophies for a World Cup win during a recent lie detector test.

The 38-year-old forward, who plays for Saudi Pro League side Al Nassr, sat down with a professional polygraph examiner for a recent video with cryptocurrency exchange company Binance.

In the test, he will discuss a number of topics, according to Binance content creator Tineoysidro7, who says the five-time Ballon d'Or winner will be asked about his glittering career.

In fact, during the short teaser video posted on his social media accounts, Ronaldo is asked about one of the only trophies missing from his already-packed cabinet – the World Cup.

Watch video below...

The results of the lie detector test have yet to be made public but Ronaldo, who says it was "one of my hardest challenges yet", says the full video is coming soon.

"The test was carried out by a professional polygraph, who evaluated Ronaldo's responses for signs of deception. The results of the test have not yet been made public," Tineoysidro7 writes on the Binance website.

"The lie detector test is an effort by Binance to educate consumers about cryptocurrencies. The company believes that it is important that people understand the risks and rewards of investing in cryptocurrencies.

"The Ronaldo quiz is just one of the many educational initiatives that Binance has undertaken in recent years."

As well as questions about his career, Ronaldo will reportedly discuss his personal experience with cryptocurrencies and his plans for the future.

Last year, Cristiano Ronaldo's former teammate Rio Ferdinand took part in a lie detector test on his YouTube channel Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE.

Here, he was quizzed about Erling Haaland, Kalvin Phillips and Virgil van Dijk. In fact, presenter Joel Beya asked Ferdinand if he thought Van Dijk is better than he was.

The former Manchester United centre-back confidently replied 'no' but the the man in charge of the lie detector put his thumb down.

Despite the polygraph test suggesting he was lying, Ferdinand insisted he was telling the truth before claiming that “no one plays” like him anymore in the modern game.

“The other day, my son was watching a video on YouTube of me. It was 15 minutes long,” the former England international said. “I sat down and watched about nine minutes and I was thinking ‘no one does that. No one plays like that no more.’

“There isn’t any centre-back that I’ve seen in recent years that plays like that."

Ferdinand added: "Virgil’s top. When his career is finished you can do this (compare).”

Joel Beya, who was asking Ferdinand the questions throughout, claimed that Van Dijk would not have six Premier League titles to his name when he hangs up his boots.

He responded, saying: "You said it. He’s the best now. He’s making it look easy."
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