VIDEO; Fan pleads Lionel Messi for a kiss on cheeks, Leo's response leaves him stunned

VIDEO; Fan pleads Lionel Messi for a kiss on cheeks, Leo's response leaves him stunned

Lionel Messi enjoys a ride in Miami after a successful victory over Orlando City. A fan asks his idol to give him a kiss, and the Argentine's reaction stuns him.

Lionel Messi has changed the aura of the US Soccer scene since his arrival at Inter Miami last month. He did not just win the hearts of the fans, the player has always made sure that the spectators around him are happy and smiling. Messi scored a brace against Orlando City FC this week to qualify for the Round of 16 of the Leagues Cup.

Messi kisses a fan on his cheeks while driving in Miami

Lionel Messi made one lucky fan's day in Miami in a touching moment that perfectly encapsulated the football star's relationship with his supporters. A desperate fan was emotional and overwhelmed by Messi's presence as he passed by in his car. Without thinking twice when asked by the fan whether he could get a kiss, Messi turned towards the leant fan on the window of the car and gently kissed the fan's cheeks. 

The fan's tears changed to tears of delight, and the utter joy on his face was obvious. The crowd immediately burst into screams, yelling "te amo, te amo" (I love you, I love you) in response to Messi's tender gesture, which moved everyone in attendance. This touching experience demonstrated the intense love and attachment fans have for their favourite athletes and also highlighted Messi's sincere kindness and generosity. 

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 In the first seven minutes of the game against Orlando City FC, Lionel Messi scored to give his team the lead in the 7th minute. After Messi's goal, Orlando City FC gathered momentum and tied the game in the 17th minute to end the first half. Josef Martinez's successful penalty kick gave Inter Miami a 2-1 lead over Orlando City in the second half, giving them the initiative.

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