Antony's ex-girlfriend asks Man United to suspend player

Antony's ex-girlfriend asks Man United to suspend player

Gabriela Cavallin has urged Man United to "remove" Antony from the squad following accusations of domestic violence by her and two other women.

“Antony needs to be taken off the pitch," said Cavallin. "It’s disappointing he’s still allowed to play while there’s an investigation.

"I am absolutely destroyed by the whole process. How can life go on as normal for him?

"They can’t just know what they know now and not do anything. He needs to be removed.”

Cavallin claimed that her former partner headbutted her, threw a glass at her, and threatened to push her out of a moving vehicle, all on separate occasions.

Antony has denied all of the accusations, pleading his innocence in a recent TV interview.

United declined to comment on Thursday night having issued a statement on Wednesday saying that it 'acknowledges the allegations made against Antony' and 'are taking this matter seriously'.

In response to United's statement, Cavallin, 22, questioned why United waited three months since she made the allegations in Brazil in June before officially responding.

She added: 'Why did it take United three months? It's just not OK. 

'I prefer not to believe such a huge club, with such serious and professional people, would cover up a situation like this.' 

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