‘He Has to Stop the Ball’: Ten Hag Addresses Onana’s Mistakes in Bayern Munich Defeat

‘He Has to Stop the Ball’: Ten Hag Addresses Onana’s Mistakes in Bayern Munich Defeat

In the aftermath of Manchester United’s 4-3 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, coach Erik ten Hag was quick to address the team’s performance and the mistakes made during the match.

Team Performance and Bouncing Back
Ten Hag emphasized the importance of resilience in his post-match interview. “We have to make our own luck,” he said, highlighting the need for the team to bounce back from setbacks. “Mistakes will be made but you have to bounce back as a team. We have to believe that even if there are mistakes that we can make a comeback.”

Onana’s Mistakes
The coach specifically addressed the errors made by Andre Onana, which contributed to the team’s defeat. “Before Onana’s mistake, it was too easy for the opponent to make a shot,” Ten Hag pointed out. He acknowledged that Onana is aware of his responsibilities on the field: “Of course, he [Onana] knows he has to stop the ball.”

However, Ten Hag also pointed out that the ease with which Bayern’s Leroy Sane was able to penetrate their defense was a significant issue. “The way Sane came through can’t be,” he said, indicating that there were defensive lapses that allowed Sane to get through.

The Second Goal
The second goal conceded by Manchester United was another point of concern for Ten Hag. He noted how easily Bayern’s players were able to get through their box and finish their attack. “And the second goal it’s almost similar over the other side, how easy players come through our box and to finish, it can’t be.”

The Road Ahead
Despite the defeat, Ten Hag remains optimistic about Manchester United’s chances moving forward. He noted that while Bayern were far from their best, they capitalized on their opportunities better than Man United did. However, he also pointed out that Man United made a strong start and were only trailing by one goal against a team with big names in its lineup.

As Manchester United regroups and prepares for their next match, it is clear that they will be focusing on improving their defensive strategies and capitalizing on their opportunities more effectively.
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