Manchester United Winger Antony Investigated for Domestic Violence

Manchester United Winger Antony Investigated for Domestic Violence

Antony is being investigated by the Sao Paulo court for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin. 

UOL has had access to photos, videos, conversations and testimonies from witnesses which reveal threats, intimidation and physical attacks from Antony.

One of the videos of the investigation shows an injury that exposed the bones of Gabriela's fingers.

The alleged abuse began in July 2022, when Antony and Gabriela were still living in Brazil. According to Gabriela, Antony would often become angry and aggressive, and would sometimes threaten to kill her.

In January 2023, the abuse escalated when Antony allegedly punched Gabriela in the face, causing her to lose consciousness. Gabriela was taken to the hospital for treatment, and required surgery to repair her injuries.

Gabriela Cavallin recalls a time when Antony tried to hit her with a glass in the face:

"Antony locked the door of the house and wouldn't let me go out, and I had my finger open, all hurt. He broke my things, took my passport. His mother and stepfather even trapped him inside the football court, he had a football court inside his living room, surrounded by a fence. He was upset, trying to get out of the court in any way, throwing a football at me, throwing a cell phone at me. He said he was going to kill me, that he was going to kill himself."

The abuse continued after Antony and Gabriela moved to England in the summer of 2022. In May 2023, Antony allegedly threw a glass at Gabriela, cutting her finger.

Gabriela has filed a police report against Antony, and the case is currently under investigation.

Manchester United has not yet commented on the allegations.
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