Northampton Town Players Salaries and Weekly Wages 2023/24

Northampton Town Players Salaries and Weekly Wages 2023/24

Northampton Town Players Salaries 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide

Northampton Town FC, a team that currently plays in League One – the third division of English football, has a rich history and a dedicated fan base. Despite facing relegation recently, they have been consistently fighting their way up since their inception.

The Club's Identity

Founded in 1897 by a group of local school teachers and local solicitor AJ Pat Darnell, the club is also known as The Cobblers or simply just Northampton. They hold the record for the shortest time taken to be promoted from the bottom tier to the top tier and ironically got relegated back down to the bottom again, all in the span of just nine years.

Home Ground: Sixfields Stadium

Since 1994, The Cobblers have been playing at Sixfields Stadium. Despite its capacity of under 8000 seats, it has been their home ground since they moved from the County ground stadium in the 1990s.

Fans and Rivalries

The Cobblers are supported across the East Midlands of Northamptonshire in England. They consider their main rivals to be Peterborough, with whom they started the rivalry wars in the 1960s. They also share a fierce rivalry with Oxford and M K Dons.

Player Salaries and New Signings

As fans, we often wonder about the salaries of our favourite players. In this guide, we will delve into the Northampton Town FC players' salaries for the 2023/24 season.

The average weekly wage in League One is quite high compared to other leagues. However, Northampton Town FC has been managing their finances wisely by selling their players or slashing players' wages when necessary.

New signings for the upcoming 2023/24 season will be updated soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on Northampton Town FC player salaries and weekly wages for the 2023/24 season!

Northampton Town signed a number of players for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Northampton Town New Signings Age Signed From Club Transfer Fee
Manny Monthe 28 Walsall free transfer
Patrick Brough 27 Barrow free transfer
Marc Leonard 21 Brighton free transfer
Tyreece Simpson 21 Huddersfield loan transfer
Kieron Bowie 20 Fulham U21 loan transfer
Max Thompson 19 Newcastle U21 loan transfer

Northampton Town players leaving – departures 2023/24

Some players are leaving Northampton Town during 2023/24.

Players Leaving Northampton Town Age Sold To Club Transfer Fee
David Norman Jr. 25 St. Patrick’s Athletic free transfer
Tom King 28 Wolves free transfer
Jonny Maxted 29 Newport County free transfer
Liam Cross 20 Brackley Town free transfer
Paul Osew 22 Without Club
Josh Harrop 27 Without Club

Highest paid Northampton Town player per week 2023 – who has the highest weekly wage at Northampton Town 2023?
Northampton Town Highest Paid Player Salary Per Week Yearly Salary
Josh Eppiah £6,100 £317,200
Danny Hylton £3,400 £176,800
Akin Odimayo £2,500 £130,000

Northampton Town players salaries per week 2023 (full squad contracts)

So here are the Northampton Players Salaries and contract details 2023.
Player Name Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Age Position Nationality
Josh Eppiah £6,100 £317,200 23 AM RL, ST Belgium
Danny Hylton £3,400 £176,800 33 ST England
Akin Odimayo £2,500 £130,000 22 D RC England
Ben Fox £2,500 £130,000 24 D R, DM England
Jon Guthrie £2,100 £109,200 29 D C England
Lee Burge £2,000 £104,000 29 GK England
Manny Monthe £1,900 £98,800 27 D C Cameroon
Ryan Haynes £1,700 £88,400 26 D/WB/M L England
Sam Hoskins £1,600 £83,200 29 AM RLC, F C England
Sam Sherring £1,600 £83,200 22 D C England
Ali Koiki £1,500 £78,000 22 D/WB/M L England
Aaron McGowan £1,500 £78,000 25 D/WB RL England
Jack Sowerby £1,100 £57,200 27 DM England
Louis Appéré £1,000 £52,000 23 AM L, ST Scotland
Mitch Pinnock £900 £46,800 27 AM RLC England
Kieron Bowie £850 £44,200 19 AM RC, F C Scotland
Patrick Brough £750 £39,000 26 D LC England
Harvey Lintott £730 £37,960 19 D RC England
Shaun McWilliams £600 £31,200 23 DM England
Tyler Magloire £600 £31,200 23 D RC England
Liam Cross £390 £20,280 19 AM C England
Max Dyche £380 £19,760 19 D LC England
Peter Abimbola £350 £18,200 18 DM England
Tommy Curry £200 £10,400 18 AM L England
James Dadge £180 £9,360 17 GK England
Dylan Hill £180 £9,360 18 DM England
Josh Tomlinson £180 £9,360 16 D C England
Jacob Scott £180 £9,360 16 DM England
Reuben Wyatt £180 £9,360 16 AM C England
Brad Smith-Howes £180 £9,360 17 D/WB R England
Kenny Ndefo £180 £9,360 17 ST England
Tom Cartwright £180 £9,360 16 D RC England
Jamari Hart £180 £9,360 16 D/WB L, DM England
Reece Irwin £180 £9,360 17 D C, ST England
Rico Duggan £180 £9,360 17 AM LC England
Kai O’Keeffe £180 £9,360 17 AM RL, ST England
Fin Amidi £180 £9,360 16 AM RL, ST England
Josh Brown £180 £9,360 17 D C, DM England
Ayo Lekuti £180 £9,360 17 D/WB L England
Marcus Bald £180 £9,360 17 GK England
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