Pogba Proceeds With Counter-Analysis After Failed Doping Test

Pogba Proceeds With Counter-Analysis After Failed Doping Test

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has acted decisively today over his failed doping test.

Paul Pogba, the Juventus midfielder and France international, has been provisionally suspended due to a failed doping test. The test detected high levels of testosterone in his system. The doping test took place on August 20th, following Juventus’ 3-0 win over Udinese. Pogba was an unused substitute during this match.

Pogba admitted to Juventus that he took some nutritional supplements without knowing they contained testosterone. He has requested a counter-analysis of the failed doping test.

The former Manchester United player has decided to proceed with a counter-analysis to confirm or, possibly, deny his positive anti-doping test. The Frenchman had until this afternoon and decided to proceed, as reported by Sky Italia.

Pogba is currently provisionally banned after testing positive for testosterone.

From today there will therefore be 7 days for the new result and in the event of a confirmed positive result there will be three options: dismissal, plea bargaining or trial before the National Anti-Doping Tribunal.

In the event that the Juventus midfielder were to face a disqualification, the sentence could reach 2 years, with the possibility of being increased to 4 if the intentionality of the consumption was to be confirmed.
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