Premier League Captains and Salaries: Highest Best Paid Captain

Premier League Captains and Salarirs: Highest Best Paid Captain

Premier League Captains Salaries and Highest Best Paid Captain, how much does Bruno Fernandes earn at United.

The English Premier League is known for its high-octane football, passionate fans, and lucrative contracts. Among the players, team captains often command significant wages due to their leadership roles and on-field contributions. Recently, France Football revealed the best-earning captains in the Premier League, providing fascinating insights into the financial aspects of English football.

The Reigning Top Earner

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne tops the list as the highest-earning captain in the Premier League. The Belgian playmaker, who took over the captaincy following Ilkay Gundogan’s departure, reportedly earns a staggering £400,000 per week. This figure is nearly double that of his closest challenger, Reece James of Chelsea.

The Rising Stars

Martin Odegaard of Arsenal has recently climbed up the ranks after signing a new deal with the Gunners. The Norwegian midfielder now pockets an eye-watering £240,000 per week, placing him among the top-earning captains in the league.

Reece James, who was handed the captain’s armband at Stamford Bridge following Cesar Azpilicueta’s move to Atletico Madrid, is another high earner. The English defender reportedly takes home around £250,000 per week.

Other Notable Captains

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk also feature among the top earners. Fernandes reportedly earns £240,000 per week, while Van Dijk takes home £220,000.

The Top 10 Best-Paid Captains

Here’s a look at the top 10 best-paid captains in the Premier League:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City - £400,000
  2. Reece James - Chelsea - £250,000
  3. Martin Odegaard - Arsenal - £240,000
  4. Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United - £240,000
  5. Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool - £220,000
  6. Son Heung-min - Tottenham Hotspur - £190,000
  7. Kurt Zouma - West Ham United - £125,000
  8. John McGinn - Aston Villa - £120,000
  9. Lewis Dunk - Brighton & Hove Albion - £80,000
  10. Seamus Coleman - Everton - £55,000

These figures highlight the significant financial rewards available to top footballers in the Premier League. However, it’s important to remember that these players also carry immense responsibility as team leaders both on and off the pitch.

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