Sergio Ramos blasts 'unacceptable' Luis Rubiales over Jenni Hermoso kiss


Sergio Ramos blasts 'unacceptable' Luis Rubiales over Jenni Hermoso kiss

Real Madrid icon, Sevilla signing and Spain’s record appearance-maker Sergio Ramos is the latest to condemn suspended RFEF President Luis Rubiales for his behaviour.

Rubiales is now facing potential jail time for his non-consensual kiss of Jenni Hermoso during Spain’s World Cup celebrations, after the forward gave statement to the police.

Following the incident, a statement was put out by the RFEF in Hermoso’s name without it being her words, Rubiales pressured her into a joint-apology video, and then he disputed her version of events, saying it was consensual. All of that before accusing those defending her of ‘false feminism’.

Speaking on the incident, Ramos explained that Rubiales’ had acted poorly.

“It is a delicate issue, he has behaved in an unacceptable manner, he has made a mistake. Instead of talking about Rubiales, we have to take the opportunity to congratulate the women’s team, world champions. That’s what we should talk about.”

“I hope that football has the representatives it really deserves,” he sentenced, perhaps most damning of all.

Gradually more players from the men’s game have come out to condemn Rubiales, following an initial reaction from Borja Iglesias, Aitor Ruibal and Hector Bellerin. Barcelona midfielder Oriol Romeu called Rubiales ‘pathetic‘, while Dani Carvajal has said that he will wait Rubiales has been found guilty before condemning Rubiales.
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