Spanish FA apologize to players and sack general secretary Andreu Camps

Spanish FA apologize to players and sack general secretary Andreu Camps

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has issued an apology to its players for the turmoil and drama that has engulfed the organization in the aftermath of the Women's World Cup final.

As part of its efforts to start a new chapter, the RFEF has sacked general secretary Andreu Camps and announced plans for "structural changes" within the federation.

The decision comes after the players boycotted the national team in protest of the RFEF's handling of the situation following former president Luis Rubiales' kiss on the lips of player Jenni Hermoso during the World Cup celebrations.

Rubiales, who claimed the kiss was consensual, has since resigned from his position but is still battling charges of sexual assault and coercion.

The RFEF's apology specifically addressed Hermoso, saying that it was "sorry to have put her through unwanted circumstances" and that she was "immersed in a situation that she did not create."

The RFEF also said that it "recognizes the absolute need to create a climate of trust with the internationals" and that it is "committed to making structural changes to begin this new, absolutely necessary stage that respects criteria of good governance, transparency and equality."

In addition to sacking Camps, the RFEF has also rebranded the Spain Women's team as a gender-neutral entity and sacked controversial former manager Jorge Vilda, who was closely linked to Rubiales.

The RFEF is set to announce a new women's national team coach in the coming days.

The RFEF's apology and commitment to change have been welcomed by the players, who have lifted their boycott and will now play in the inaugural Women's Nations League against Sweden on Friday and Switzerland on Tuesday.
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