Barca president Joan Laporta accused of committing crime

Barca president Joan Laporta accused of committing crime

Spanish judge Joaquín Aguirre has accused Barcelona president Joan Laporta of committing a crime in the Negreira bribery scandal, according to Carrusel Deportivo.

Laporta will now be investigated alongside other Barca presidents and directors, particularly Josep Maria Bartomeu, Sandro Rosell and others.

The judge changed the criteria for the investigation which means that offences committed as far as 2008 are now being taken into account. Thus, Laporta is now included in the investigation given he was a key member of Barca's governing board at the time.

Laporta is accused of actively bribing referees, sports corruption and falsification of documents alongside other Barca chiefs during the past two decades.

If found guilty, the accused could face stiff penalties and probably jail time. As for Barcelona, the penalty will also be severe with the club at risk of relegation or their titles being stripped.

Barca continues to maintain its innocence in the matter.
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