Sky Sports release full understanding of events after 'requesting audio' of Luis Diaz offside call

Sky Sports release full understanding of events after 'requesting audio' of Luis Diaz offside call

The VAR audio from the controversially disallowed Luis Diaz goal for Liverpool against Spurs has not been released but Sky Sports have provided further clarity of the situation.

Diaz' goal was wrongly chalked off after the linesman flagged but the biggest error came from VAR, who mistakenly believed the on-field call was to give the goal and said the check was complete.

Liverpool, who also had two players sent off in the 2-1 defeat, were understandably furious with the costly gaffe - which has since resulted in both Darren England and Dan Cook being dropped from VAR duties.

In response to the apology from the PGMOL, the Reds issued a damning statement of their own before demanding that the audio exchange is made available.

It was reported by ESPN that the request was set to be adhered and there was talk about airing it during Sky Sports' Monday Night Football broadcast of Fulham vs Chelsea.

Howard Webb has a relationship with the show and appeared on it at the very end of last season.

Sky were unsuccessful in their attempts to have the audio on tonight's show but did provide a detailed explanation of the absolute mess which occured.

Version of events, as per Sky's understanding:

• Given offside on-field

• VAR checked for offside and drew 2D line

• Lines confirmed onside but VAR only tells on-field officials 'check complete'

• Play restarted within two seconds of 'check complete'

• VAR/AVAR realised error had been made but believed that the

VAR protocol within the Laws of the Game would not permit stopping the game and decided intervention was not possible at this stage

• Thus on-field officials not aware decision was wrong until half-time

Jamie Carragher and Frank Lampard gave their strong opinions on the blunder, though both agreed that replaying the game would not be the correct action to take.
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